EV Home Charger Installers

ReGen EV have been supplying and installing electric vehicle charging stations at homes on Australia for years. We are happy to install all Electric Vehicle brand of charger, Whether you have a Tesla or any new type of electric vehicle we can support you choose the right charging answer to suit your needs.

Benefits of Home EV Chargers

The ReGen team are leading house EV charger installers upon the Sunshine Coast. Our gifted electricians supply and install EV chargers to battle a range of budgets and applications. The support of charging at home include:

Have a full battery once you wake up
Generally cheaper than charging at public EV charge points
Use the free capacity generated from your solar panels
Saves time waiting in the region of at public charging stations
Your cars battery is prolonged when AC EV charging
Enjoy 100% charging capability rather than without help 80-90% with DC fast chargers.

Installing electric vehicle chargers is only one part of the story. EVIAM EV home charger installers provide a full-service solution to optimise your charging infrastructure through its total lifecycle.

Designs for your requirements

Subsequently the quickly growing demand for electric vehicle charging in the bordering few years, EVIAM provides right of entry to the best minds in DC fast charging technology to incite you future-proof your investment and stay on the prickly edge. EV Charging Options Dedicated to making stylish, trustworthy and durable EV car chargers accessible, EV Powerhouses charging solutions lid a broad range of dependable products. Whether youre looking for portable EV car chargers, trailer EV chargers, fleet charging or paid charging solutions for your space, you’ll find anything you infatuation right here.